Harvest Lakes Estate, Atwell


The delivery of Western Australia’s first large “GreenSmart” Estate which is at the leading edge of the “push” for more sustainable developments.


  • The successful creation of a residential subdivision based around the principles of sustainability, resulting in a strong sense of place and ownership from the flourishing community.
  • Fostered the use of appropriate environmental site management techniques in developing the residential estate, maximising the number of lots orientated to suit energy efficient and climate responsive home design.
  • The project has received a remarkably high level of market acceptance, community involvement/satisfaction and increased revenue over the past two years.


The award winning 1300 lot Harvest Lakes estate in Success has been master planned on “Liveable Neighbourhood” principles and leads the land subdivision industry with significant innovations in environmental management, water sensitive design and sustainability concepts.

During the planning phase for this project LandCorp established objectives to create a residential subdivision based around the principles of sustainability.

GreenSmart benchmarks have been adopted for both land development and buildings. Energy efficient design, solar orientation, ventilation and insulation form part of the mandatory sustainability components of all homes within Harvest Lakes.

Covering a total area of 160 hectares, the Harvest Lakes estate is expected to ultimately house a community of 4,200 people providing a range of home site sizes to suit each person’s individual needs.

Neighbourhood amenities include a primary school, community centre, a large lake and several areas of public open space.